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The HI2AI Ratio

The HI2AI Ratio - Simplified disclosure of the use of A.I.

Ever wondered: "What's that? A human or a robot?"
If nobody tells you...  The HI2AI Ratio could help.

With the rapid proliferation of Artificial Intelligence used in media, communications, sales and customer support, we frequently begin to wonder if we're in contact with a real human or a robot... This is why The HI2AI Ratio is proposed: a simplified concept for A.I. transparency, easily disclosing the use of A.I. to the general public when applied to any media, art, written content, or interactive communication.  Originally published as an Appendix to Ether Busker's book "IMAGINOIDS - Dream Journal of an A.I.", you can download the document here for free: a "proto-white-paper" aiming to spark questions, propose answers, and invite reactions from relevant actors in the technological, social and corporate fields.  Spread the word: this simple, accessible and grassroots document is also an inspiration for the academic world to develop the HI2AI concept into better, deeper and wiser "white papers"...  Its mass adoption is becoming an urgent issue, impacting what our children and grandchildren will eventually call "reality".  

HI2AI means a ratio comparing the involvement of "Human Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence".  For example: this website is rated "HI2AI 1:0", it's 100% human-made (no A.I. designer).  Another example: the book IMAGINOIDS is rated HI2AI 1:10, because it's 90% written by an A.I. with roughly 10% of human writings.

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